Community of Practice

The Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund has as one of its main objectives to create and boost a community of practice to research, exchange and produce knowledge on the following topics:

  1. Strategies to encourage the replicability, financial sustainability and scalability of civic apps.
  2. Strategies for the creation of alliances between civic developers, civic hacker communities, civil society movements and government.
  3. Open data and civic apps impact assessment.
  4. Strategies to foster “online” and “offline” interactions for social change.
  5. Theories of change of initiatives that that use technology to promote social change, preferably aiming change at public policies.

For that, we will invite fund grantees and other organizations involved in the development of civic apps. We expect to have approximately 20 organizations participating. The members of the Community of practice should:

  1. Attend regular webinars (90 minutes each) where specific topics will be discussed.
  2. Prepare one mini-paper (1 page) per webinar, where one topic will be the focus of the discussion, and 2-4 projects will be used as case studies.
  3. Participate in the preparation of webinars through an email discussion list.
  4. Generate posts on the conclusions of the seminars (we expect to generate 2-4 posts per seminar).


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