Cloud computing
In December 2012, Avina Americas, Fundación Avina and Omidyar Network formed an alliance with the goal of fostering the development of free software projects with civic purposes and open data standards. With a total planned investment of USD 1.6 million over 3 years, the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund aims to bridge the gap between civic movements and technology, identifying and supporting the implementation of technological innovations that accelerate collective strategies for social change, accountability, and transparency, particularly in urban areas of Latin America.

In this process will support approximately 10 applications and initiatives that can be replicable, scalable, financially sustainable, oriented towards public policy change or implementation and with deep civil society engagement. The Fund will also promote a community of practice dedicated to the area of technology for social change that will develop studies and models on how to utilize ICTs to accelerate social change.

For the selection of the projects the fund developed a call in 2013 (February to June) and will develop two more calls in 2014 and 2015.