In its three years of work in Latin America, the Civic Innovations Accelerator Fund sought to reduce the gap between civic movements and technology, identifying and supporting in a comprehensive manner the implementation of technological innovations that accelerate collective strategies for social change in Latin America.

From this work we have made two documents that seek to systematize the main learnings fromthe support to civic technologies with strong offline and online articulation in Latin America and that tries to answer the following questions: What is the real impact of civic technologies? What are the conditions that must be generated for civic technologies to be a channel for the improvement of citizen participation and the quality of life of Latin Americans?

We hope that they can contribute and have the potential to strengthen the community of Technology for Social Change in the region!

Lessons Learned Paper 2016 (English)
Paper de Lecciones Aprendidas 2016 (Spanish)
Lessons Learned. Executive Summary (2016)

Lessons Learned Paper 2014 (English)
Mini paper de Lecciones Aprendidas (Spanish)
Lessons Learned. Executive summary  (2014)