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Avina Americas

Created in 2008 with the mission to contribute to the sustainability and development in Latin America through building and promoting productive alliances based on trust among social and business leaders and generating consensus around  shared agenda. AVINA Americas envisions a prosperous, integrated, compassionate and democratic Latin America that is inspired by its own diversity and built on a form of citizenship that positions the region globally according to its own model of sustainable and inclusive development. http://www.avinaamericas.org/

Fundación Avina

Founded in 1994 by Swiss entrepreneur Stephan Schmidheiny, who inspired the vision and values that guide the organization’s continuing operations. Avina is a Latin American foundation whose mission is Impact sustainable development from Latin America by creating favorable conditions for diverse actors to join forces in contributing to the common good. Avina works in 15 countries and promotes actions in the following areas: Access to Water, Amazon Forest, Climate Change, Sustainable Cities, Energy, South American Chaco, Democratic Institutions, Extractive Industries, Migration, Impact Business, Recycling and Technology for Social Change. http://www.avina.net/

Omidyar Network

Created on the fundamental belief that every person has the power to make a difference. They created opportunity for people to realize that power and improve the quality of their lives. They invest in market-based efforts that catalyze economic and social change. EBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam founded Omidyar Network by their belief that all people have the potential to make a difference. The work of the foundation is meant to allow people to discover this potential, to improve their own lives and make lasting contributions to their communities.http://www.omidyar.com/

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