CITY/COUNTRY: Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Mexico DF, Puebla, and Nuevo León in Mexico

TOPIC: Access to information / Public data / Open Data

LEAD ORGANIZATION/PARTNERS: Naoui Software Labs representing Codeando Mexico

OBJECTIVE: To develop an open source platform that will make different public data sources inter-operable, thereby facilitating the use of these sources to generate information and civic technology, reducing the time and complexity of publishing data, unifying isolated efforts of different organizations, and establishing a national standard for open data in Mexico.



  • Standardization and formatting of public data
  • Hackathons organized using data from the platform
  • Scaling of platform use through on- and off-line workshops
  • Growth of platform data repository



  1. Campaigns affecting public policy (impacting  thousands of citizens)
  2. Advocacy and action campaigns supported by platform
  3. Civil Society Organizations´ alliances
  4. Government´s alliances
  5. Web and mobile versions of software launching
  6. Full documentation (to replicate elsewhere)
  7. Amount of money fundraised for platform sustainability post-grant
  8. Platform users
  9. People reached (platform and social media)
  10. Datasets uploaded to the platform
  11. Trainings and workshops
  12. News coverage of the platform (traditional and social media)


TIMEFRAME: 18 months

CONTACT: Eduardo Lopez

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