IOTA Platform for Managing Indicators

CITY/COUNTRY: Multiple cities in Brazil and 20 member cities of the Latin American Network for Fair, Democratic and Sustainable Cities in 4 countries

TOPIC: Management and monitoring of quality of life indicators

LEAD ORGANIZATION / ALLIES: Aware / Red Nossa São Paulo (Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Network of Sustainable Cities)

OBJECTIVE: To develop an open source platform to manage quality of life indicators that allows for the sharing, visualization, comparison, and re-use of data as a tool for strengthening the work of civil society organizations and social movements.


  • Adoption of the platform by social movements
  • Training workshops on the use of the platform
  • Translation of the platform into Spanish and English


  1. Campaigns affecting public policy (impacting  thousands of citizens)
  2. Advocacy and action campaigns supported by platform
  3. Civil Society Organizations´ alliances
  4. Government´s alliances
  5. Web and mobile versions of software launching
  6. Full documentation (to replicate elsewhere)
  7. Amount of money fundraised for platform sustainability post-grant
  8. Platform´s users
  9. People reached (platform and social media)
  10. Datasets uploaded to the platform
  11. Trainings and workshops
  12. News coverage of the platform (traditional and social media)


TIMEFRAME: 24 months

CONTACTThiago Berlitz