For My Neighborhood

  COUNTRY/CITY: Montevideo, Uruguay

TOPIC: Mapping and participatory monitoring

LEAD ORGANIZATIONS/ALLIES: Datos Abiertos, Trasparencia y Acceso a Información (D.A.T.A)

OBJECTIVE: Promote the development of a series of web and mobile platforms in open source that allow mapping and participatory monitoring of urban problems (transportation condition, condition of the  streets, trees condition, etc.) and which will become a tool to strengthen participation and dialogue among diverse citizens communities and the public administration in Uruguay.


  1. Launch of software, web and mobile versions
  2. Complete documentation to replicate
  3. Fundraising for maintenance after the grant
  4. Partnerships with Civic Society organizations
  5. Partnerships with government entities
  6. Civic Inovation Campaigns / public advocacy
  7. Users
  8. Reached People
  9. Datasets uploaded to the plataform
  10. Campaign that affect public policy and impact thousand of citizens lives.
  11. Workshops
  12. Plataforms in the media news


  • Received Reports
  • Resolved Cases
  • Former Helpers


AWARD AMOUNT : 110 thousand dollars

TIMEFRAME: 18 months

CONTACT: Fabrizio Scrollini