Webinar series about interesting topics for the fund – World Bank Institute y Global Integrity.


List of tools for work with open data – Portuguese / English

Open Government Data Toolkit – World Bank

Journalism Code –  Source (Knight-Mozilla OpenNews)



Open Data Handbook – Open Knowledge Foundation

Guidelines on Open Government Data for Citizen Engagement – United Nations

Opening Government

Toolkit and glossary on Open Data: Open Government Guide



Open Data Five Stars

The 8 Principles of Open Government Data

Open Contracting Global Principles

G8 Open Data Charter (from June 2013 meeting)

Report of the civic tech landscape – Knight Foundation


Reports: tendencies

The 2050 City – What Civic Innovation Looks Like Today – and Tomorrow – California Civic Innovation Project



Social Tech Census – The Engine Room

Repositories/Open Data Portals – Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente (Desarrollando América Latina)

ONG Repositories – Sunlight Foundation



Open Data Census – Open Knowledge Foundation


Open Government Partnership (OGP)

Improving the OGP experience: lessons from 15 countries


Improving the OGP experience

Improving the OGP experience (in Bahasa)

Article on the case of Moldova

Article on the case of Ghana

Article on the case of Indonesia

Article on the case of Peru

Article on the case of Croatia

Article on the case of Mexico

Article on the case of Brazil

Article on the case of United States

Article on the case of Chile

Article on the case of Tanzania

The Irish experience: phase one

The Irish experience: phase two




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