Theory of Change

theory of change

Above you can find version 1.0 of “Technology for Social Change´s Ecosystem” in which the “Theory of change” for Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund is embeded.

In our view, one of the roadmaps to produce social change using technology can be:

  1. Encouraging partnerships among civic development organizations, civic movements/civil society organizations, governments and civic hackers, data journalists and technologists.
  2. Develop, through these alliances, civic apps tuned with social needs of disadvantaged citizens.
  3. Make use of civic apps (based or not on public data) to empower citizens, movements and civil society organizations to plan campaigns that aim to bring about social change.
  4. Develop campaigns (on and offline) that could effectively produce changes in public policies and government actions that can create the needed conditions for improving the quality of life of citizens.

2 thoughts on “Theory of Change

  1. Joel Ibarra

    nuestra comunidad de aprendizaje tiene los mismos elementos asociativos que marcan una ruta parecida a la de Avina, las sinergias pueden darse en tanto se converge en un horizonte social y politico claro, sin exclusiones

    1. appcivico Post author

      Hola Joel, gracias por tu comentario. Podria pasarnos más detalles de tu comunidad de aprendizaje?

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