Three years in Five Videos:

The journey of the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund

In December, 2012, Avina Americas, Fundación Avina and Omidyar Network launched a three-year alliance, with an investment of USD 1.6 million, aimed at strengthening the ecosystem of civic technologies in Latin America. After three years, the alliance created through the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund focused its work on building a bridge between civic movements and technological efforts, identifying and supporting the development of civic applications capable of boosting collective social change strategies in Latin America. As a part of our journey, we present the Fund’s different stages in five videos which summarize the main challenges of this collective endeavor:

1. What is the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund? The challenge of bridging the gap between civic developers and civic movements

2. How can technologies lead to social change? Towards a theory on social change

3. Accelerator Fund’s outcomes in Latin America. Our track-record, in numbers

4. Learning process of the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund. The creation of a practice community

5. What impact do civic technologies have? Envisioning the ecosystem’s future: